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Astra Black Female Sex Doll


Black African-American sex dolls are rare and the love doll Astra was designed and produced exclusively by Real Love Sex Dolls with WM Dolls. Not your average in the line of Japanese sex dolls,  Astra is the first life-size African American black skin sex doll in the world. Astra has gorgeous broad African features, high cheekbones and full luscious lips. Astra is a beautiful black woman and is an extremely detailed and realistic sex doll from head to toe. She has velvety soft lifelike skin and a fully articulated metal skeleton sure to please you in almost any position you desire.

  • Sexy Curves
  • Peach Bum
  • Huge Boobs
  • Tiny Waist
  • 5ft4in

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We Sell Premium Quality Life Size Sex Dolls from our Biggest Collections of TPE & Silicone Love Dolls Online

Due to the bearing of gel in the buttocks of this doll, it is very important that the doll is stored hanging whenever prolonged periods of storage are required. Storing this body sitting or laying on the implants may cause some distortion in the shape of the area. If kept laying down for long periods, positioning the body on her side is strongly recommended. Again, ideal storage is in the hanging position.

This multi-practical Sexy Doll Using accurate measurements of real women has smooth and elastic pores and skin of Thermoplastic Elastomere, much less oil content and no scent.

Synthetic skin and an artificial intelligence engine she has the ability to learn and remember your likes and dislikes, not limited to just sex as she can hold a conversation and express her feelings to you, she will talk to you, listen to you and can even feel your touch and have an orgasm.

Our Dolls far surpass more traditional sex dolls. Enjoy the silicone sex revolution with the woman of your dreams. She can think for herself and will learn more about you as your relationships develop while also satisfying your sexual urges.

AI-powered dolls that offer features ranging from simple conversation to moving eyes, arms, and torsos.

About the product

Our Dolls far surpass more traditional sex dolls. Enjoy the silicone sex revolution with the woman of your dreams.

Actual pores and skin feel very smooth similar to an actual female.

Metal skeleton/100% full TPE (ThermoPlastic Elastomere) not blow up dolls.

Multiple ways to have fun: vagina, chest, anus and mouth, dolls have actual simulation vagina for making your orgasm feel much better.

Complete frame fabricated from a medical grade TPE non-poisonous and no smells, gentle to the touch with a life-like feeling.

Compatible with water-based and silicone primarily based lubricants.

Smooth easy: velvety, clean and perfectly shaped, it is additionally extraordinarily stretchy, gentle and very easy to clean.

Discreet bundle: all adult products will come in discreet fashionable packing, making sure we hold your privacy in the strictest of confidence.

Delivered within 3-7 days

She can satisfy some of your physical desires, our Doll to fuck comes with hair on their head (a wig) and finger and toenails.

The eyes are very realistic and can easily be adjusted to look at you or something else - this makes them great for posing and gives them a realistic look.

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